New Home Upgrades to Consider

Granite countertops and new appliances

Part of buying a new home is deciding on what upgrades you should add. Many home buyers feel like kids in a candy store when they visit the builder’s design center, so it’s best to go with a firm budget in mind and pick the upgrades that make the most sense.

Upgrades that cannot be easily added later and that add a lot of value to the home are a good bet.

Flooring is something you never want to re-do. It’s expensive and very difficult to do once you’re living in the house. Hardwood floors are an excellent choice, or pick tile and keep it consistent throughout the house.

Many home buyers upgrade the cabinets in the kitchen and baths. Adding this upgrade later on is difficult and costly. Keep all of the cabinets in the same style and color family. The same is true for countertop materials. Granite is an extremely popular option and the builder price is usually lower than the price of ripping out perfectly good counters and buying new ones.

Light fixtures are easy to replace later on, as the upgrades usually aren’t much different than the standard. It’s best to add extra light fixtures and electrical outlets before you move in since these installations tend to be both messy and expensive.

Upgrading the appliances is worth some research. If you upgrade later, price the appliances you want and decide if the builder credit is a better deal than selling the new appliances yourself and getting what you want.

Finally, if there’s an upgrade that you just can’t live without, go ahead and get it if you’re so inclined. Buying a new home where no one else has ever lived is a thrilling experience — that upgrade will help make your new home your dream home.

To learn about the most popular new home upgrades, check out our Resource Center article, Moving Up: The Most Popular New Home Upgrades.

Top image courtesy of Granite Charlotte Countertops.

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