Fun Friday: Six Cat Homes That Will Tickle Your Feline’s Fancy

Cat Teepee

Despite their sassy natures, Americans have a love affair with cats. That’s why we’re happy to see some elaborate cat houses on the market, like this cat teepee. Photo Courtesy of designboom.

By Andrea Kinnison

Cat lover or not, most people will admit that the feline set are a bit fussier than other pet species. My own cat refuses to drink out of anything but a human water glass, will swat at my face when she’s hungry at 3 a.m. and prefers using my couch to the scratching post sitting right next to it.

Despite their sassy natures, somehow cats continue to delight and amuse feline fans, which is probably why some extra-devoted owners go to great lengths to pamper them. Fancy Martha Stewart food bowls (yes, she makes cat accessories, and yes, I own some), organic food, elaborate scratching posts — we love to love the darn critters, which is probably why some of these elaborate cat homes are even fancier than my own pad!

The Cat Teepee

For the Coachella-loving, fringe-wearing hipster cat lover, there’s the cat teepee. This house is perfect for a kitty who spends her days staring longingly out the window, wishing her owner would let her out for some good ol’ bird-mauling adventures.

The Broke Cat-Lover’s DIY Special

DIY cat house made with cardboard and construction paper

Courtesy of

Here’s a house for owners who’ve spent all their money on gourmet cat food and don’t have any dough left to buy poor Mr. Whiskers a roof to put over his head. (Well, aside from the actual roof over his head.) Just use some cardboard boxes, colorful construction paper and savvy scissor skills to create a palace without the price tag.




The Cat Fancy Home

White dome home for cats


This is the perfect house for a loveable feline yuppie. Simple, sleek and likely absurdly expensive, this lair is for the cool cats who like the finer things in life. (And it would probably make the perfect white wine stand for their owners.)





The Holy Moly, We Wish We Had One of Those for Ourselves Cat Staircase/Playground

Multi-colored cat staircase that runs through entire room

Courtesy of

A zany feline playground that looks like it was designed by kids who just got back from Chuck E. Cheese? Yes, please! This house-spanning architecture is for serious cat lovers only, since it may just further lend to anyone’s “crazy cat lover” image. But sometimes looking a little kooky is worth it, especially when you have a fantastic feline amusement park at home.




The Pensive Cat’s House

Two-story cat house with window and cardboard scratching post

Courtesy of

Simple yet refined, this house designed by architect Leo Kempf is for the cat with more subtle tastes. With nothing more than a porch, a bedroom and an expansive window for bird watching, this abode is great for hermit cats who simply want to retreat to be one with nature.




The View from the Top Cat Home

Steps that lead to ledge around room where cats can perchIs this a cat house in a human home, or vice versa? As all feline owners know, cats are the rulers of any domain, whether it was constructed for them or not. This abode, however, seems to be specifically designed with felines in mind. Perfect for the eccentric millionaire widow who plans on leaving her fortune and mansion to her pets!



From fancy food to adorable outfits, many humans aren’t content with simply feeding and clothing their animals, which explains the existence of these sometimes weird, always intriguing cat homes. The human housing market may have been in trouble, but from the look of these feline houses, cats seem to be doing just fine.

Andrea Kinnison is a writer for NewHomeSource. She is saving up to upgrade her kitty digs from Cat Home #2 to Cat Home #6.

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