App of the Month: Garden Compass

screenshot of Garden Compass app

Submit a picture of your ailing plant and a team of horticulturists can help you develop healing solutions.

By Ashley Steel

This year’s flurry of frozen winter temperatures and snowstorms have – quite literally – buried gardens across the nation.

But don’t forget that spring will come around again and the holidays are fast approaching, so it’s time to pull that green thumb out of those gloves and start smelling the roses again. Our App of the Month is the answer to one of gardeners’ most frustrating problems, and also a great source of inspiration for holiday gift giving.

Enter the Garden Compass, whose aim is to help gardeners across the nation identify unknown plants, and plant problems such as diseases and pests. No more worrying about mystery weeds and bugs, no more wondering how to treat those rapidly browning leaves.

The app’s very basic functionality allows users to take a picture of the item in question and submit it to an active team of horticulturists who can identify the plant or disease and provide additional information, such as a plant’s growing conditions and identifying features, as well as solutions to overcome diseases and get rid of pests.

But not just an app for identification, the Garden Compass also has an online storefront with collections of tools, fertilizers, treatments and other products organized by plant types. For the cousin who loves succulents or the brother who wants to start a bulb garden, Garden Compass provides a one-stop shop for all their gardening needs. The app’s store also includes floral and faunal home décor, natural and plant-based beautifying products, as well as DIY products such as molds to create planter beds and decorative pots.

There’s something for everyone on your list this year, with the Garden Compass app, and there’s a wealth of knowledge you can immediately tap into to treat your houseplants or – if you’re a diehard gardener – your outdoor vegetable patch.

This year, instead of a white Christmas, you can aim for a green one. Good luck with your holiday shopping and your future garden!

Ashley Steel is staff writer/editor for NewHomeSource, where you can search for and get information on new homes and new construction communities. You can find her on Google+.

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