NHS Gift Guide: Gifts for Entertainers

Yellow Submarine Organizer

By Patricia L. Garcia

We all have one: a friend or family member who is the perfect host or hostess, always ready to entertain in their home with good drinks, delicious food and great conversation. Return the favor this holiday by helping them do what they do best: entertain like nobody’s business.

Here are some fantastic ideas for gifts for entertainers:

Ticings Red Bouquet Icing Toppers, $15.95. World Market.

Is your host or hostess the type who likes to put a personal touch on their food? Then these icing toppers, with a lovely red bouquet silhouette, will make a chic statement, without putting family and friends into sugar shock.

Ticings Red Bouquet Icing Toppers

Botticino Marble Coasters, $40. Anthropologie.

No party or get-together is complete without beverages — adult or otherwise. So, these dazzling green coasters are not only decorative, they’ll prevent ugly glass stains on your host or hostess’ (no doubt) gorgeous table. Nobody wants to commit that party foul, so make it easy for your entertainer to tactfully ask that you place drinks on coasters, please.

Botticino Marble Coasters

Cake Pedestal, $14.95. CB2.

There are regular, plain Jane cake pedestals. And then, there are cake pedestals that, you know, take the cake. This matte black cake pedestal takes the cake and more, due to its simplistic beauty. You entertainer will want to present guests with anything topped on this unique cake pedestal. From fruits and veggies to cheese and crackers, this pedestal will be a showpiece time and again.

cake pedestal

Williams-Sonoma Dinner Parties book, $21.20. Target.

I purchased the Williams-Sonoma Holiday Entertaining book and didn’t expect much more than a few decorating ideas. I was so wrong — I’ve received so many compliments on the dishes and treats I’ve made from this book. I now am a caramel sea salt truffle queen (friends have offered to buy these from me!). So, you can guess that any Williams-Sonoma book is high on my list. This one, in particular, would be perfect for the entertainer who needs a few more ideas to add to their repertoire. They’ll thank you with a kind greeting, as well as delicious meals taken from this book, guaranteed.

Williams Sonoma Dinner Parties book

Old-Fashioned Whiskey Infusion Kit, $15-$35. Uncommon Goods.

Most entertainers take pride in the things they crafted themselves just for their guests. This whiskey infusion kit is just another way to personalize a drink. The kit includes a 500 ml Italian glass bottle with a built-in cap, custom-design label, 4-inch funnel, a natural coffee filter and a vial of 100-percent organic botanicals. All your entertainer has to do is add their favorite rye or bourbon and they’re on their way to a signature cocktail that’ll make them famous (amongst family and friends, at least).

Whiskey Infusion Kit

Yellow Submarino Organizer, $70. MoMa Store.

Why not let your host or hostess have some fun in the bathroom too? This yellow submarine organizer will bring the fun Beatles song to mind, but it will put a smile on any guest’s face. And, it’ll keep any guest bathroom organized and neat.

Patricia L. Garcia is content manager for NewHomeSource, where you can search for and get information on new homes and new construction communities. You can find her on Google+.

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