Gadget of the Month: CES Edition


Forget to feed Fido? That’s okay! The Petnet will take care of things for you. Photo Courtesy of Tech Crunch.

By Ashley Steel

January is an exciting time for gadgets. (And no, it’s not because you’re tinkering around with the toys you got over the holidays.) It’s time for the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES)!

The global marketplace for all things in consumer technology, it’s a place where products are introduced, ideas exchanged and kick-starter campaigns funded. This year, some really nifty home gadgets have hit the showroom floor. We couldn’t choose just one, so we’re bringing you six gadgets of the month.

Petnet (pictured above)

We now live in a world where even our pets can be doted on by their own personal robot. The Petnet, a robotic food dispenser, can be programmed with information such as your pet’s breed, weight and activity level in order to serve your pet their ideal caloric intake. Program the device to dispense food at specific times and that frees you up from feeding Fido on your lunch break.

Fuz Designs Noke

You’ll never lose your keys again with the Noke. A padlock that connects to your Android, iOS or Windows device, you can secure anything with the touch of an app. What’s more, you can share access to your locked items on a customized basis. Give your spouse and kids permanent access to the backyard shed and your neighbors one-time access while you’re away on vacation.

Fuz Designs Noke

Photo Courtesy of Fuz Designs.

Smarter Wi-Fi Coffee Machine

If you’re not a morning person, the new Wi-Fi Coffee Maker by Smarter will be your best friend. Able to grind and brew a pot of coffee when commanded by a smartphone app, you can literally wake up and smell the coffee.

Smarter Wi-Fi Coffee Maker

Photo Courtesy of Engadget.

Sengled Snap Lightbulb

More than your average lightbulb, this beauty will not only provide ample lighting, but it also contains a camera, microphone and speaker. Perfect for security purposes, you won’t have to sleep with the lights on to feel safe.

Sengled Snap Bulb

Photo Courtesy of CNET.

Parrot Pot

Got a knack for killing house plants? Not anymore. Parrot is introducing a new line of pots designed to let plants virtually take care of themselves. Water reservoirs and self-watering mechanisms allow the plants to be self-sustaining for weeks on end, while a connection to a smartphone will keep you updated if any maintenance is needed.

Parrot Pot

Photo Courtesy of IEEE Spectrum.

Dacor’s Oven

An oven designed with a built-in tablet and wi-fi features that allow you to operate it remotely, this oven hardly needed anything else. But this year, Dacor introduced a new feature to its oven: voice control. With multiple cooking modes, quality filters and air circulation, you can cook multiple dishes at a time. Sounds tasty!

Have you played around with any of these gadgets? Got a suggestion for the next Gadget of the Month? If so, tell us about it in the comments below.

Dacor Oven

Photo Courtesy of The Independent.

Ashley Steel is staff writer/editor for NewHomeSource, where you can search for and get information on new homes and new construction communities. You can find her on Google+.

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