Best Time to Sell Your Home

By Nova Hasley

Are you thinking about selling your home? Believe it or not, the time when you sell your home matters. Read on for more on the best time to sell your home (so you can focus on moving into that newly built home of your dreams):

Friday Effect

When selling a home, you have to plan to the smallest detail. Even what day of the week you post your home can determine how long it will be on the market. Houses posted on Friday tend to spend the least amount of days on the market, as opposed to Sunday — homes posted on Sunday spent the longest amount of days on the market.

Fun fact: Homes listed on Friday sold for 99.1 percent of the original asking price. That means more money for you and your next home.

Changing with the Seasons

Seasons can also have an effect when selling your home. Winter and spring have proven to be good seasons to sell. “Right after the first of the year, there’s a burst of activity from people who have been waiting for the holiday to be over, which is when most people are listing for sale,” says Kevin Lisota, CEO of Seattle-based Findwell Real Estate.

“People who are buying a home in the fall or winter — those are serious buyers,” says Amanda Howard, owner of Amanda Howard Real Estate in Huntsville, Ala. Even though summer may give you a lot of traffic during your open house, you are more likely to get people who are just browsing. During the fall and winter months, you will get buyers who are more committed.

4 Tips and Tricks of the Trade

1. The average number of days a house is on the market is about 120.

2.The “Friday Effect” could mean selling your home for $5,000 more.

3. Don’t be afraid of holidays. Get more deals on holidays with less competition.

4. Don’t price your home with a zero at the end. People perceive a precise cost like $282,284 as lower than a rounded number such as $283,000.


Nova Hasley is a content intern for New Home Source.

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