Five Ways to Create the Ultimate Craft Room

By Judy L. Marchman

Have your crafting supplies taken over your dining room table or the floor of your den? Or are your ribbons, buttons and beads all in a jumble? It might be time to consider creating your own craft room or space to organize those supplies and free up time spent sorting into actually creating.

Here are several ideas for ways you can put together the perfect crafting space, from setting up a craft table and organizing supplies to decking out an entire room.

color organization

Photos via Teacup Lane

Color Rainbow

One way to keep your supplies organized and easy to locate is to arrange them by color, as in this example. Whether you have a lot of paints, ribbons, pens or beads, putting them in order by color not only creates a beautiful display, but also makes it easier to keep that display neat in the long run.

rolls of ribbonsRolls of Ribbon

If you use a lot of ribbon in your crafting projects — or you’re really into gift wrapping — you can put together a tidy and color-coded wall of ribbons by adding a few shelves. This simple DIY project — if you’re relatively handy with a drill and a level — can help you keep track of your ribbon inventory and get all those random strands of ribbon out of the bottom of your storage bins.

repurposed storageRepurposed Storage

Do you have an old dresser or buffet gathering dust and cobwebs in the garage? Why not repurpose it with a new coat of paint, some drawer liners and organization bins as a way to store your crafting supplies? You can keep fabrics and delicate papers in the drawers, and then add a hutch or inexpensive storage cubicles for other items.

pegboard wallSmall Space Solutions

If you don’t have a lot of space for your crafting endeavors but still want to keep your supplies neat and accessible, the versatile pegboard is a great solution. You just need to determine what size best fits your space and how you want to use it. You can find a variety of hooks and holders on which to hang various baskets, bins, rods and other storage devices.

craft tableUltimate Craft Table

If you are setting up a dedicated craft room, you know the centerpiece is the all-important craft table. The size and height will, of course, depend on the available space and what kind of crafting you do, but you have plenty of options, from purchasing a table specifically made for crafting to repurposing a flea market find to building your own. Whatever you decide to do, the keys to a great craft table, such as the above example, are a sufficient work area, comfortable seating and ample storage.

Judy Marchman is a freelance contributor to NewHomeSource with 20 years of magazine and book publishing experience. You can find her on Google+.

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