7 Reasons to Buy a New Home: Halloween Edition

Halloween Haunted House.

See this spooky scene? That’s not what you’ll get with a new home. Photo by Ashley Ellis; Halloween Haunted House; Stockvault.

By Patricia L. Garcia

Here at New Home Source, we can think of millions of reasons why new homes are a good (we’d even say the best) option for folks.

As we get into the spooky season, we realized that there are far more reasons than value and quality that make a new home a good option for you and your family. If you’re ghost-, crazed murderer- and/or zombie-averse, here are seven reasons to buy a new home:

1. The only spirits in your new home will be the ones you use to toast your beautiful new place.

Here’s the thing about ghosts — they are former occupants of a home (or place) who suffered a tormented life or tragic ending or who were conjured up by witches. With a new home, you’re the first occupant, so there are no worries that you’re walking into an Amityville Horror-type situation.

Unless, it’s built on an ancient burial ground. Which leads me to …

2. You can choose to not build your new home on an ancient burial ground.

We’re pretty sure all builders and developers are well aware of Poltergeist and that they shouldn’t build on an ancient burial ground (not only because it’ll cause ghostly disturbances, but because how rude!).

With a newly built home, you’ll have the option to buy in an area that’s new (and likely not as clogged with scary traffic as other areas of town) or you can build wherever you choose, if you build on your own lot. If you buy your new home in a new-home development, you can choose the lot that your new home will be built on.

3. New basements aren’t spooky.

Halloween Haunted House graphic

Residence 7545 Plan at Montecito at RidgeGate by Century Communities in Lone Tree, Colo.

Look at this beauty! There’s nothing spooky about it (unlike the basement in The Conjuring).  This basement — and many other basements in new homes — is a place where games are played, spirits are imbibed (not summoned) and families and friends make memories.

With a sunny, spacious finished basement like this, you’ll never be afraid to venture down there alone.

4. New homes are safe.

Let us count the ways! First, new homes meet or exceed the latest building codes and include the latest technology. You can use that smart home tech to call for help or to stave off zombies and other unwanted guests. Or maybe you’re stuck inside your home with burglars and can’t make it to your security system’s panic button. You can use your smartphone to set that sucker off and alert the neighborhood that you need H-E-L-P!

5. Everything’s under warranty.

A new home has all-new everything, so everything is under warranty. Worry no more about having to get everything fixed on your own dime! Do the pesky poltergeists in your home keep causing blood to drip down the wall? Guess it’s time for a new paint job.*

6. You can personalize it.

Say you’re Katie from Paranormal Activity and you’re being followed by ghosts, no matter where you move. You’ll need to find a place that will help you deal with these sneaky characters. A new home will let you do that — new homes can be personalized to meet your needs, after all.

If you’re convinced spirits are following you wherever you move, build Sarah Winchester style. See, Mrs. Winchester was the widow of Winchester gun magnate William Winchester. She was convinced the spirits of those killed by Winchester rifles were tormenting her, so she built a mansion to fool the ghosts. With stairways that lead to nowhere, doors that open into walls and other confusing design details, the Winchester Mystery Home is home customization at its kookiest. So, personalize to your heart’s desire (and your wallet’s and builder’s capacity, of course).

And let’s not forget that when you build new, you can include really useful spaces like a mudroom, planning center or, you know, a panic room.

7. Storage, Storage, Storage

We’ve been thinking a lot about the possibility of a zombie apocalypse (yes, we’ve been watching too many episodes of “The Walking Dead”) and realized that if we’re to survive one, we need lots of supplies. We’re talking let’s spend the weekend at Costco stocking up.

But, where to put all of those supplies? In a new home, you’re likely to have spacious closets and plenty of storage space in the garage, as well as other practical spaces like a butler’s pantry, laundry room or drop zone that can house items like food, water, a safety kit and other necessary supplies to hold off a horde of zombies.

Ready to buy a ghost-free new home? Check out New Home Source for the largest collection of new homes for sale.

*Warranties vary by builder; check yours to see if supernatural occurrences are covered.

Patricia L. Garcia is content manager for NewHomeSource.com.

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