Smart Home Technology: Survey Says It’s Hot

smart home technology

What makes a home a smart home? Smart home technology! Our panel of home shoppers told us what they really think of this new frontier of tech.

By Drew Knight

As more devices out there are being labeled as having “smart home technology,” we came up with the question: Just how interested are new-home shoppers in this technology and would they actually use it in their new homes?

We worked with the New Home Source Insights panel, a panel of new-home shoppers with varying demographics and at various stages in their home search, to see what they had to think about this ever-changing field of tech.

The survey results are in!

So what did they have to say? Smart home technology is a hot commodity.

Who’s Interested in Smart Home Tech?

The panelists were asked a series of questions regarding smart home technology. When asked, in general, are you interested in smart home tech, 91 percent of panelists said yes and only 9 percent said no.

Thus, it’s clear smart home technology is something worth considering.

Who Owns Smart Home Tech?

For the purpose of this survey, smart home technology was broken into seven categories: temperature (thermostats and other temperature-monitoring devices); entertainment (TVs, music systems, etc.); security (door locks, alarm systems, etc.); safety (smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and other safety devices); lighting (lightbulbs, control systems, etc.); appliances (refrigerators, ovens, etc.); and other.

When asked if they owned any of these smart home technologies, 38 percent of panelists said yes, while 62 percent said no, proving smart home tech is still quite a new idea for buyers.

Of those who said yes, the amount of each category owned is as follows:

  • Temperature — 66 percent
  • Entertainment — 53 percent
  • Security — 50 percent
  • Safety — 42 percent
  • Lighting — 42 percent
  • Appliances — 32 percent
  • Other — 3 percent

Who Plans on Purchasing Smart Home Tech This Year?

Which brings us to the next question, do you plan on purchasing smart home technology at some point this year?

A staggering 71 percent of panelists said yes, while 29 percent said no.

Of those who said yes, panelists were asked to specify their price points:

  • Under $50 — 0 percent
  • $51 to $100 — 12 percent
  • $101 to $499 — 50 percent
  • $500 to $999 — 24 percent
  • $1,000 or more — 14 percent

What Devices Make a Home “Smart”?

Because the term “smart home” might be relative to some, we were curious which of the categories is most important to home shoppers in defining “smart” for them.

So, we asked our panelists which category of smart tech a home must have to be considered a smart home. They ranked them as follows:

  • Temperature — 85 percent
  • Security — 79 percent
  • Lighting — 67 percent
  • Appliances — 61 percent
  • Entertainment — 46 percent
  • Safety – 42 percent

It’s also worth noting that of those surveyed, more than 84 percent said that the inclusion of smart home tech would increase their likelihood of purchasing that home.

How Useful Is Smart Home Tech?

Finally, panelists were asked to rank each category in order of usefulness. Here’s what they said:

  1. Temperature control
  2. Smart appliances
  3. Security
  4. Lighting
  5. Safety
  6. Entertainment

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Smart Homes Infographic

Drew Knight is a digital content associate for New Home Source.

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