Gadget of the Month: Ketra Natural Lighting Systems

Ketra natural lighting

Ketra natural lighting systems allow for natural and automatic day-to-night lighting transitions throughout your home. (Photo by Ketra)

By Drew Knight

Wouldn’t it be great if the lighting in your home adjusted naturally with the time of day? Plenty of light in the afternoon and a soft glow right around bedtime?

With Ketra’s natural lighting systems, that’s totally possible and that’s exactly why we decided to make it our Gadget of the Month.

So, how does it all work? Ketra’s bulbs and lamps can be manually and automatically controlled via a touchpad that can be installed in your wall, just like a light switch, or into your counter top.

Settings allow the Ketra lighting throughout your home to adjust naturally with the time of the day, so your bulbs shine bright and clear in the daytime and soft and warm at night. This way, the light throughout your home can help you feel active and alert when you need to be and help naturally prepare you for rest when the day comes to a close.

The X1 touchpad interface is fully programmable and customizable, allowing the user to create their own preferred presets among Ketra’s built-in settings for simple transitions on command or by a scheduled event.

These settings, created by Ketra lighting designers, were curated for the different things you do in every room of your home. Five special presets found on the touchpad — home, office, dinner, daytime and sunset — deliver lighting for any occasion or mood. Plus, an additional ability to dim each setting only adds to the versatility of this product.

See it all in action in the video clip below:

Drew Knight is a digital content associate at New Home Source.

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