App of the Month: Housepad – A Home for Your Home

Screenshot of Housepad app

Our App of the Month, Housepad, could be the tool that solves all of your housekeeping woes. (Photo courtesy of Housepad)

By Drew Knight

Are you having a hard time juggling housekeeping between your spouse, kids and hired help? The easiest solution might be found tucked away in your pocket right now.

Designed to help you “love going home,” the Housepad App for smart phones and tablets is a home organization tool that has just about everything you and your family need to keep things running smoothly in your new home.

Once you create an account, the Housepad interface allows you to add family or staff members by name manually or directly from your contact list into your “residence,” where everyone can see updates, to-do list assignments, photos of how things are supposed to look and even stored emergency contact information like doctors and veterinarians.

Great for assigning chores, Housepad also has a “To-Do” list feature. Anyone you invite to your household network can be assigned a task and will be notified when it happens. You can also see exactly when tasks have been read or completed, so there’s no excuses if your kids’ chores haven’t been finished when they’re working toward that allowance.

To keep track of how you like your home to look, you can create a “Lookbook.” To do so, make a quick run-through of your home, snapping photos along the way and organizing them by room. Then save it all in your Lookbook, where family members or home employees can see a database of how things are meant to be, from how the bed is supposed to be made to where kitchen utensils are stored.

Housepad is also great for keeping inventory for all of your household items. Your inventory will be easily accessible with options to add care instructions, dimensions, conditions, invoices and images for each item if you so desire. You can also transfer items from one home network to another, always knowing where your things are if you travel between residences.

Don’t want every user having access to all of this info? Users can be granted varying ranges of access to your data, ranging from full access to a limited access of your choosing.

Finally, there’s also a chat feature that’s perfect for quick and easy conversation. If you feel like checking in on uncompleted task, chat allows you to send a direct message to a certain user. Feel like thanking your team for a job well done? Chat can do that too.

Housepad is the perfect solution to help keep everything clean and in place after you move in to your new home. Available on both IOS and Android operating systems, it’s home maintenance made easy.

Drew Knight is a digital content associate for New Home Source.

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