Snore Rooms: A New Home Answer to Sleeping Troubles

Snore Rooms

With new homes, custom options such as snore rooms are a great way to address daily troubles.

By Drew Knight

It’s a problem that many home shoppers are embarrassed to admit: they have a hard time sleeping because their partners are snorers.

While the issue itself is nothing to be ashamed of, we all should enjoy a good night’s rest. Luckily for new home shoppers, there’s a simple solution. So before you kick your loved ones to the curb, listen up.

The answer? Snore rooms.

Visbeen Architects, a national architecture firm who has worked with homebuilders like Pulte Homes and David Weekley Homes, has started to include these spaces in houses for some of their special clients.

“Snore rooms tend to be things people are incredibly sensitive about,” says Visbeen Architects President Wayne Visbeen. “So many times during the building process I talk to clients very subtly about sleeping habits and I make it easy for them to talk about it.”

And what he has discovered is that many clients interested in these so-called snore rooms are open to the concept, but don’t want to make it obvious that one of them snores. Thus, Visbeen ushers in the art of disguise.

“What we do to disguise snore rooms is create a little sitting area, a reading nook, a room with a TV or a daybed-type of scenario out of the bedroom itself as a snoring room or snore niche,” says Visbeen. “So even when people visit the home and see it, they won’t know it’s actually a snore room.”

Another option Visbeen Architects provides is to connect a library, den or sitting room to the owner’s suite, as well as to another area of the home like a hallway or foyer so that during the day that room is experienced as just that. Yet, during sleeping hours, the doors to that space can be closed and a hidden sofa bed can be revealed for that noisy sleeper.

“Those rooms are very wise uses of space because, frankly, you end up with one space with multi purposes — a cost-savings room with two purposes,” adds Visbeen.

And that, folks, is one of the beauties of buying a newly built home. Today, more than ever, homebuilders are catering to you to deliver a product that suits your wants and needs, no matter how unusual the option.

“We create a lot of unique spaces, whether it’s home management centers or rooms that change uses,” says Visbeen. “We’re offering up solutions for every part of life when we build a home.”

Even if you and your partner are lucky enough that neither of you are snorers, there’s still a lesson to be learned here: If there’s an issue that’s pestering your current living situation, never hesitate to discuss it with your builder. You never know when a simple solution could be hiding in plain sight.

Drew Knight is a digital content associate for New Home Source.

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