2017 Paint Color Trends: What to Expect

2017 Paint Color Trends

Many of the major paint brands have released their “Colors of the Year” and revealed their trend forecasts for 2017. From left, Honey Glow, Poised Taupe, Byzantine Blue and Cloudberry.

By Drew Knight

It’s about that time of year again … the time all the major paint companies start releasing their “Colors of the Year” and outlining trends to expect in the seasons to come.

Well, if you’ve ever walked down the aisles of a paint store, you know that there are a lot of paint brands. How could you ever stay on track of what’s hot and what’s not?

As the new home authority, we like to think we’re pretty up to date — even on paint. We’ve browsed through the top brands’ reports and caught on to some similar trends, so you don’t have to waste any time scouting out each and every color.

Here’s a rundown on what you can expect when it comes to 2017 paint color trends:

Colors of the Year

From the swatches that have been released thus far, it appears the Colors of the Year are trending toward cool pastels and bold, natural accents.

Dunn-Edwards – Honey Glow: This warm, golden yellow color was chosen because it “evokes feelings of curiosity and natural marveling of the world around us.” Perfect for making a loud statement, this paint color is a great choice for adding a pop of color to your home as an accent wall paired with white or gray. An added bonus, 10 percent of all sales on this color will benefit HoneyLove, a non-profit group aiming to reduce the threat of bee extinction.

Sherwin-Williams – Poised Taupe: Sherwin-Williams says this “timeless neutral is modern, classic and a beautiful balance of warm and cool.” Catching on to the trend of gray color choices that has developed over the years, this color serves as a transition from the monochrome gray to a more complex taupe and brown. Try it out with cool blues and soft earth tones.

Glidden – Byzantine Blue: Catching on to the trend yet? This cool blue is perfect to pair with dark neutrals. Glidden says their Color of the Year “stretches the boundaries of purple to borrow all of the best qualities of blue and gray, making it an appealing color choice for nearly any room.”

Olympic – Cloudberry: Another cool and calm selection, Olympic writes that “Cloudberry is the perfect complement to the minimalist style that is strongly trending in the year ahead.” Another great choice for pairing with neutral grays, Cloudberry is perfect for creating a serene and calming effect in your home. With all the hustles and pressures of daily life, who doesn’t want easy, at-home relaxation?

2017 Color Forecasts

If these four color selections can tell you anything, it’s that you can expect both comfort and confidence in 2017 home design. Comfort: cool neutrals that evoke feelings of relaxation and meditation. Confidence: bold, natural colors that evoke feelings of worldly exploration.

Along with a Color of the Year selection, many brands release their trend forecasts for the year, most of which help bring about these ideas — and the right color palettes to design with.

With their colormix 2017 Color Forecast, Sherwin-Williams released a plethora of palettes that work well with Poised Taupe. Organized into the palettes of “Noir,” “Holistic,” “Intrepid” and “Unbounded,” these selections were chosen with the themes of night, sustainable design, travel and identity.

BEHR has also released a group of palettes it expects to be on-trend in 2017. Organized into the “Comfortable,” “Composed” and “Confident” palettes, these selections are designed to be inspirational, personal and tailored to help you create a home that fits your style and unique personality.

If you’ve already fallen in love with any of these beautiful colors, we highly suggest checking out one of these trending palettes to develop a color scheme that works with it. From cool and calming to bold and adventurous, these on-trend colors can truly help your new home become a reflection of you.

Drew Knight is a digital content associate for New Home Source.

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  1. John says:

    Love learning about these trends. Colors really make a huge difference in the home.