6 Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

gift ideas for new homeowners

Need a last-minute present for your favorite homeowner? Our six favorite gift ideas for new homeowners has you covered.

By Drew Knight

The weather has gotten cooler. Your neighborhood is aglow with holiday lights. Black Friday has come and gone and you still haven’t finished your holiday shopping.

Are you caught racking your brain thinking of the perfect gift ideas for the new homeowners in your life? We can help with that.

While you could just run to The Container Store or The Home Depot for a gift card, there’s still plenty of time to find something a little more personal. From trendy smart tech to convenient cleaning supplies, there are a number of great gift ideas that a new homeowner — or just any run-of-the-mill homebody — would love.

So, here are New Home Source’s favorite gift ideas for new homeowners this season:

gift ideas for new homeowners

(Photo courtesy of Google.)

1. Google Home

Arguably the most on-trend gadget this holiday season, Google Home is one of the search engine giant’s latest endeavors outside of the Google screen you see every day.

This voice-activated speaker is powered by the Google Assistant, which allows users to ask it questions and tell it to do things. From playing music throughout a home to checking a user’s schedule to sending text messages, Google Home has it handled.

If you know your loved one’s home is outfitted with the latest smart tech, Google Home can even turn on room lights and display search results on their TV screen. And all it takes is a simple, “Ok, Google.”

Running at about $130, it may be a pricy holiday gift, but it certainly seems like it does it all. Ok, Google, can you find us a coupon?

gift ideas for new homeowners

(Photo courtesy of Amazon.)

2. Amazon Dot

If $130 seems like it may be outside of your price range, the Amazon Echo Dot might be a better solution.

Priced around $40, this device is also a hands-free, voice-activated speaker with many of the same capabilities. Playing music, setting alarms, providing information, controlling smart home devices and other tasks are on command with the Dot.

Rest assured that Amazon Echo has been in the game longer than Google Home, which has only been available a couple months, but do note that the Dot lacks the colorful customizable base feature of Google Home.

gift ideas for new homeowners

(Photo courtesy of Hoover.)

3. Hoover Linx Cordless Vacuum

Every new homeowner wants to keep their new home looking one way: new. So why not get them the latest in cleaning supplies?

While you may have seen some advertisements for convenient and cordless vacuum cleaners, you’ve probably also seen the hefty price tags that come along with them. The Hoover Linx cordless vacuum is different.

Priced in the $60-110 range, this voracious vacuum includes an 18-volt lithium-ion battery, exclusive wind tunnel technology, a multi-floor brush roll and a fuel gauge for detecting battery life. One thing it doesn’t have? An irksome cord.

gift ideas for new homeowners

(Photo courtesy of Swiffer.)

4. Swiffer Steamboost

Maybe your loved ones already own a vacuum, but do they have a steam mop?

The Swiffer Steamboost Steam Mop Starter Kit powered by Bissell uses a dirt-dissolving cleaning solution and the power of steam to create a deep clean that can cut through messes that regular mops leave behind.

With specially designed steam pads (replaceable and sold separately), a water tank that can hold 10 oz. of water and a steam-releasing trigger that’s easy to use, the Steamboost mop is safe for cleaning many floor types, including linoleum, vinyl, laminate, sealed wood, marble, stone and ceramic tile.

Priced around $50, it steams the costs of other leading cleaners.

gift ideas for new homeowners

(Photo courtesy of Roku.)

5. Roku TV System

Heading back to the smart gadgets, smart TVs are all the rage. As are compatible streaming systems.

Roku streaming players and TVs are an easy and convenient solution to stream the programs we all love. With a Roku system, TV watchers will have access to more than 350,000 movies and TV episodes across more than 3,500 free or paid channels. And yes, that means Netflix and Hulu are available at the click of a button.

Setup is also a breeze. As long as users have a compatible TV, all they need to do is connect the Roku player or Roku TV to a wireless network, create a Roku account and start streaming.

And with prices that range from $30 to $500, there’s an option for just about every budget.

gift ideas for new homeowners

(Photo courtesy of Apple.)

6. Apple TV

Similar to Roku, Apple TV is another streaming device. However, the Apple TV relies on the power of apps.

While connected to a television, Apple TV displays users’ favorite streaming apps — think HBO Now, Netflix, Vevo, Hulu and about 1,600 others. And with Apple’s own TV app (which is now automatically downloaded on your iPhone), users can even access programming from mobile iOS devices. Apple TV also cuts the need for a cable box or satellite dish; as long as users have apps such as DIRECTV NOW downloaded, they can surf live TV and enjoy movies on demand.

Additionally, Apple TV can connect with Siri to help users find the show or movie they’re looking for — or didn’t know they were looking for. In the mood for something nostalgic? Just ask Siri to find an 80s movie and she can display a list of suggestions.

It can all be yours — or your loved one’s — at a reasonable price of $70.

Drew Knight is a digital content associate for New Home Source

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