Gadget of the Month: FoldiMate Laundry-Folding Machine


Imagine a gadget that can fold your laundry for you. It’s called FoldiMate and it might be here sooner than you think. (Photo courtesy of FoldiMate)

By Drew Knight

If you could get rid of one household chore in your new home, what would it be?

I know what I would choose — folding clothes. And that’s exactly why we picked FoldiMate, an automatic laundry-folding robot, as our first Gadget of the Month of 2017.

According to the FoldiMate team, the typical person spends 750 days of their life doing laundry, of which 375 days are spent folding. (Any tool that can help give me back an extra year of life certainly has my attention.)

To operate this laundry-folding machine, users can simply feed it their dry items (shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, pillowcases and towels) using its patented Easy Clipping feeder and let FoldiMate do the rest.

FoldiMate can work with a wide variety of fabrics and garments, virtually anything that can fit inside the machine, with the exception of linens, underwear, socks and baby clothes — kids and adult sizes up to XXL are fair game. And depending on garment thickness, FoldiMate can fold between 10 to 30 articles in one load.

The machine is designed to be used in your laundry room and can be placed on top of a washer, dryer or any standard table. It can even fit in a spacious closet or anywhere you’d normally fold you laundry, which is why FoldiMate will also offer a wheeled table if needed.

An added benefit, FoldiMate can also treat your garments to de-wrinkling and even perfume and softening agents via separately sold treatment capsules, all while helping you limit the valuable time you spend on laundry each load.

Curious how much time FoldiMate can really save you? Here are a few estimates from FoldiMate:

  • It takes under five seconds to clip each item into the machine.
  • The automatic folding process takes around 10 seconds per item, depending on if capsule treatment and de-wrinkling are also required.
  • The de-wrinkling will take between 20 and 30 seconds per item.

“I created FoldiMate as my wife claims I am one of the worst laundry folders in the world. She’s right. I hate it,” says CEO Gal Rozov in a news release. “We knew that others suffer from this chore, but we didn’t expect such an incredible response when we released the FoldiMate concept video earlier this year.”

Since viral video fame in 2016, nearly 200,000 customers have registered on the FoldiMate website to become notified when pre-orders are available and thousands have already paid a deposit to reserve their machine once it surpasses the prototype phase. Currently, the first FoldiMate units are planned to be shipped in 2018.

Catch it in action today on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (Jan. 5-8, 2017), or visit for in-depth information and videos.

Drew Knight is a digital content associate for New Home Source.

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