Win Big with a Space Dedicated to Watching Sports

spaces for watching sports

Primetime features such as a sectional sofa and built-in shelves that can accommodate a big-screen TV make this bonus room from the Villas at Auberge at Del Sure by CalAtlantic Homes game ready. Photo courtesy of CalAtlantic Homes.

By Seve Kale

The Super Bowl is fast approaching and whether you’re more concerned with the best team or the best commercials, the following tips will ensure that you score a prime seat to the action without having to pay super prices for tickets.

The Fundamentals

“Design elements in a ‘man cave’ should make things easier: a secondary game area, a snack area with a refrigerator and storage and ample seating. The idea is the room should have enough to keep the party entertained, as well as contained, in one foolproof space,” says Lana Canova, vice president of DESIGN TEC and Model Home Merchandiser for MBK Homes.

Once you’ve got the basics covered, you can move on to the bells and whistles: “Other popular add-ons are built-ins that accommodate a large television screen, as well as a half bath connected to the space,” says Danielle Tocco, national communications director for CalAtlantic Group, Inc.

Many homeowners choose to incorporate the outdoors — an adjacent patio or yard can provide your party a change of setting during halftime.

No Need for Binoculars

According to Cordova, “Comfortable seating is a top priority in any ‘man cave.’ You’ll want to make sure every fan can see the television.” There’s a reason stadium seating is staggered: everyone has an unobstructed view of the action from their seat. While tiered seating may not be feasible in your home, there are a variety of options that can accommodate everyone, such as sectional sofas.

Time Out!

“One optional feature that homebuyers have gravitated toward is a beverage center, which makes it less essential to have the room located next to the kitchen,” says Tocco. You’ll have easy access to cold drinks without missing a single play.

You and your guests will likely work up an appetite cheering for your team. Why not set up a nacho bar, a taco station or the grill outside to keep the masses well-fed? Additionally, make sure each seat has a place for your guests to put their food and drink — nothing puts a damper on a big play like a big spill!

Come Through in the Clutch

Maybe your family doesn’t need a space that’s dedicated to sports 100 percent of the time — we get it! Jefferey Wedler, home design expert at Vant Wall Panels has some advice for those who need to reconfigure their space in a pinch: “A great way to add a lot of ‘apparent’ seating is to use standing cocktail tables or bar tables — these can be rented inexpensively at a local party rental and placed in the rear of the room.”

Now that you’ve got a game plan, here’s hoping your team wins!

Seve Kale is a contributor to NewHomeSource.

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