The 5-Step Process to

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Stop dreaming about it and live someplace new, right now!

We’ve teamed up with top home builders to give you all the latest tools to buy a brand new home, without ever needing to leave your chair.

First steps

Discover & Dream

Buying a new home is one of the smartest decisions you can make. What’s next?

Imagine a home built just for you, how and where you want it. The perfect place to make memories all your own. Understanding the advantages of new vs. used will help you make the smart decision.

How Soon Could I Move In? Top 10 Reasons Home Buyers Prefer New Homes vs. Used

Choosing a neighborhood

New homes are often built in master planned communities that have GREAT amenities like health clubs, golf courses, and parks. There’s so much more than just the “house” when you’re picking a new home.

How to choose the right neighborhood Check out our relocation guides

How much house can you afford?

Our interactive affordability calculator is designed to help you determine how much house you can afford. Simply enter a few details about yourself and we can help you estimate how much you can spend on a new home.

pro tips

Here are a few tips to
help you search smarter

Now that you know where you want to live, what you want in your future home, and how much you can afford, it’s time to start browsing. New homes are different than resale homes, understanding these tips will help you in search

So many choices! You’re going to see a lot of homes, so keep the ones that catch your eye. Start saving them into your shortlist by creating a profile.

New homes are built in communities. Do you bike, golf, swim, have pets or need a place for the kids to play? You can filter communities by your lifestyle.

Builders offer more options for their floorplans than what you see online. A huge benefit of buying new is that you can customize a floor plan, pick the lot where it’s built, and choose the design materials. Plans that interest you even have model homes you can visit in person.

Next steps

Shop & Compare

Take the new homes you’re considering and start comparing using our builders’ online tools.

Our builders have lots of videos and photos to help you, and we’ve made sure you have everything you need to communicate with the builder right away online.

Start comparing floor plans

New homes have more useful and more customizable floor plans than resale. You can even place furniture and adjust features in a virtual floorplan for a new home you’re considering. Plans paint a vivid picture of what it could look like to live there.

How to choose the right floor plan for your family How to read a floor plan

Next, take a virtual walk-through

A virtual walk-through is as close to being there as you can get. See great homes, up close and personal, and visualize your new life within its walls.

Video: How to design
your home online

See what’s available in the communities

New homes are typically built within master-planned communities. Take a look at site plans and lot maps to see more of the terrific community amenities that come with a new home.

Prepare your Finances

At this point, you’ll also need to focus on a few financial items to ensure you are ready to pull the trigger. Make sure you have a pre-approval letter, most recent credit score, and a lender in mind.

How to choose a lender

Prepare to visit with your builders
virtually or in-person

Set appointments with builders now, so that you can speak to a real person about all the available options for the homes you may have only experienced online.

Making the most of your model home tour Video: Touring new homes
remotely has never been easier

Almost there

Visualize & Decide

At this step you will meet with the builder either remotely or in-person to tour homes.

You should have some great homes on the table by this point. It’s time to picture yourself in your new home. It’s an easier choice when you know that the builder is the right fit for you.

Compare the builders
you have visited

Now that you’ve visited, decide which builder, community, and home is right for you. Return to the visualization tools for a better understanding of structural options and really take some time to imagine what your life could look like in the space.

Five Shortcuts to
Selecting a Builder
What makes a community the perfect fit for you?

Builder Ratings and Reviews

Read builder reviews from real homeowners who have worked with the builders on your shortlist.

Consider the Total Cost of Ownership

While a resale home might have an attractive upfront cost, it also has its own “surprise” expenses related to maintenance and repair. New homes do not. There’s no wornout carpet to replace, no roof repairs, no painting over flaking trim.

The perks of a new home lead to a greater value within the total cost of ownership. Everything’s brand new, it’s more energy efficient, and it’s covered by warranty. The upfront costs of a new home pay for themselves in the long run, especially when compared to resale homes.

Making sense of builder warranties

Select your builder

Sure, they all build homes, but the differences can be great. Seek out reviews from past customers that speak directly to your own priorities.

Always voice your wants, needs, and concerns as they come up, so you can make your goals crystal clear and build rapport.

Congrats! You’ve done a lot of work to select the home of your dreams!

Home Stretch

Agree & Contract

Contracting a new home is different than resale

Signing the contract is the last step before picking your options! Unlike buying a resale home, each builder has their own contract, and works with you to complete it.

Finalizing your Financing

There’s a good chance you’ve already chosen a lender (either you’re using the builder’s or the lender that wrote your letter). Before you finalize your contract you need to decide on a lender.

How to choose a lender

Today’s tools make it easy to contract online.

Most finance companies are set up to provide mortgage applications and wire transfers through the web. You can even sign a contract remotely through services such as Docusign.

Last Step

Upgrade & Personalize

Here comes the fun part!
Customize your home to fit your personality.

Finally, make the new home uniquely yours with distinct flooring, fixtures, lighting, and more via your builder’s virtual (or in-person) design center. These touches not only look great; they make your home more functional and livable.

Customize your home & make your selections – all online!

Builders have designers on staff to work with you to make selections

What options will maximize the resale value?

Move In!

Your new home awaits.

Can you believe what you were able to do online? And so quickly too! Unpack your stuff, move your furniture, and start living a better life in your new home now.