Post Tension Foundations Improves New Home Construction

Why Post-Tensioning Is Valuable
You may have heard strange stories of houses “settling” that range from simple curious sounds homeowners hear to strong, jarring movement. The lack of tension handling ability can cause concrete to act oddly, and sometimes dangerously.

Pre-tensioning, used for some large commercial projects, must be done at the manufacturer. Post-tensioning must be accomplished at the building site. This permits home builders to create this improvement for new home construction.

Using high-strength steel bands and bars, a new home contractor can create post tension concrete for foundations, beams, slabs, walls, columns, and other components. Steel bands work well for horizontal components such as beams and slabs, while bars are most effective with vertical items, e.g., walls and columns.

While post-tensioning (or any other process) cannot make concrete really “flexible,” improving tension handling ability stabilizes the structure, making your new home more valuable. Experts in new home design always stress the importance of spending time and money on structural components, even at the expense of finish work and decorative items (flooring, countertops, cabinets, etc.). Post tension foundations are a favorite of structural gurus.

Post Tension Foundations Increase Home Values
A new home for sale that features a post tension foundation or beams is an “insurance policy” for future structural integrity. Because steel strands or bars are integrated in a tight grid formation before the concrete is cured, its inherent strength is greatly enhanced.

Originally confined to commercial and bridge building, because it permits structural integrity for longer spans of concrete, post-tensioning of concrete for residential construction is valuable for custom new homes, particularly larger structures.

Almost impossible to incorporate into older homes, post tension concrete components are relatively easy and cost effective to incorporate in new home construction. A home builder committed to high quality construction can install post tension foundations to enhance structural integrity, improve stability, and increase long-term value to create a better finished home.

When you decide to place your home for sale, knowledgeable buyers will be willing to pay more because of this important structural feature. While not having a “wow” factor, like impressive flooring or dramatic granite countertops, post tension foundations deliver real added value to your home.

This component should also make you more confident and comfortable with your choice when buying a new home. Added value is important, but an owner-occupied new home should also deliver peace of mind. If your dream house is built on a post tension foundation, you can sleep peacefully, knowing your home is safe and secure on its base.

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