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Benefits of living in a golf course community

Golf course communities offer many benefits, including a sense of exclusivity, along with great views and a wonderful sense of community - not to mention use of the course, pool, courts, and more.

Secure & private

Golf course communities are often gated, which provide a layer of security. Some golf course communities even have on-duty security guards and surveillance. Bye-bye, solicitors!

sense of community

When you're surrounded by families who share your interests, you're perfectly poised to find a group of friends to play a few rounds or get together for dinner.

great resale value

Due to the many benefits of golf course communities, homes within them have a great resale value and are in high demand. 

exclusivity & luxury

With club memberships and gated entrances, there is an immense sense of exclusivity. Plus, these communities often boast luxury homes.

Maintenance-free grounds

You can have a home with an immaculate lawn, professional landscaping, and diligent maintenance - mostly without lifting a finger.

safe & Quiet

With no through traffic, golf course communities enjoy fewer cars driving through, which adds a layer of safety and quiet to the neighborhood.

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FAQs about Golf Course communities

What is a golf course community?

A golf course community is a type of residential housing development built around a golf course and/or country club.

Are golf course communities a good investment?

Golf course homes typically have a high resale value, thanks to their security and luxury, as well as the close-knit communities they foster. Additionally, communities that offer open-air spaces and exercise are in high demand.

Do golf course homes require club memberships?

A club membership may be included in the purchase of your home, but most clubs do not offer automatic membership to homeowners. However, while some golf course communities may require club membership, many do not.

Are golf course homes safe?

Golf course communities are often gated and come with surveillance and even security, ensuring the only people who should be roaming the neighborhood are those who live in it. Additionally. they experience little to no through traffic, which adds another level of safety.

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