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Go Tiny, Go Home

Tiny houses are a great solution for many - the environmentally conscious, the multi-generational household, the adventurer, and more. Here are some benefits of tiny home living:

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Looking to build a tiny home? We break down the costs of building one, choosing a builder, and more:

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The Tiny House Movement

Between minimalism, the Marie Kondo trend, and conscious living, Americans are getting turned onto living with less. Enter the tiny house trend. Many tiny home owners report greater happiness and satisfaction across all aspects of their lives – all thanks to their tiny lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to build a tiny home?

The cost to build a tiny house starts at around $8,000 (DIY), while having a tiny home built starts around $20,000.

What are the legalities surrounding tiny houses?

Because of their uniqueness, tiny houses aren’t governed by the same set of rules as traditional-sized houses. We explain the legalese around tiny homes.

Are tiny homes eco-friendly? 

It’s logical that a tiny home would take fewer resources to build and maintain. Here's the low-down on all the eco-friendly benefits of tiny home living.

Are there similar alternatives to tiny homes?

Not quite ready to pare down to 400 square feet? Here are some small - not tiny - home options to consider.

Where is the best place to build a tiny home?

Whether you're planning to put your tiny home on wheels or just looking for a city that caters to tiny home living, we call out five of the most optimal states for tiny home living.

How can I maximize storage in my tiny home?

No matter how much you pare down, you'll always have to accommodate for your day-to-day stuff. We have tips on how to keep everything organized in your tiny home.

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Whether you're looking to add luxury features to your tiny home, looking for more information on putting a tiny house on wheels, or looking for any other tiny home answers, we have you covered.

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